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Safe Help In Your Home was created by Lynn Loar and Jane Tamagna to guide people through the process of screening, hiring and managing in-home aides. The information and worksheets come from chapter 6 of their forthcoming book, And You Thought Talking to Your Parents About Sex Was Hard—Finding Out What Your Parents Want toward the End of Their Lives.

Lynn Loar is a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in abuse and neglect across the lifespan. She provides training and technical assistance to mental health, human service and animal welfare agencies, law enforcement and educators about neglect, abuse and violence involving children, elders, dependent adults, people with disabilities, and animals.

Jane Tamagna is a social issues editor. For twenty years, she worked for The Bureau of National Affairs, a national publisher, and is on the faculty of American University's School of Public Affairs.
Together, Loar, Tamagna and colleagues have created books, monographs and articles about family mediation; abuse and neglect of children, elders and pets; animal-assisted therapy; animal hoarding, and screening staff and volunteers for positions in homeless shelters.

Their publications include:

• “Increasing Safety for At-Risk Adults: Screening In-Home Care Providers” Social Work 52(3), 2007, pp. 271-4.

• With Ken White, “SHIP for Seniors: A New Wrinkle in Animal-Assisted Therapy,” Latham Letter, fall, 2007, pp. 6-8.

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• with Gary Patronek and Jane Nathanson, Animal Hoarding: Structuring Interdisciplinary Responses to Help People, Animals and Communities at Risk, Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, Tufts University Veterinary School, 2006. To download:

• with Libby Colman, Teaching Empathy: Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs for Children and Families Exposed to Violence, Alameda, CA: The Latham Foundation, 2004.

• with John H. Weakland, Working with Families in Shelters: A Practical Guide for Counselors and Child Care Staff, Alameda, CA: The Latham Foundation, 1994. To download: